A Sneak Peek at a New Print!

Hello everyone!
I have been working really hard over the past week to bring a new idea to fruition.  I have been wanting to work on a series of prints for a while but I couldn't decide on something that I thought would be worth spending hours carving.... then I realized I could take my love of inky flowers and turn it into a print, combined with another love of mine, mono printing.  I've just finished the block, though there are a few tiny pieces that I might go back and fix before I run the final series, but I am delighted with how it came out for a first attempt.
Here is my test run from start to finish:

The final series is going to have more color.... but I wanted to start with a simple layering of yellows to serve as a bright backdrop. Once they're done, the originals will be going up in my Etsy shop!!! I will choose the best one to be available as a print on my ArtPal site. I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek of a new product coming soon!