Things to Make into Other Things

I often refer to myself as an "eclectic artist" - eclecticism in art is characterized by the fact that the style of art lacks a particular style, it borrows it from all sorts of different reference points and combines them together.  I also like to think of this as being of a mindset that isn't trapped by a particular style or medium.

This leads me to an interesting bin that I have in my studio that is labeled "Things to Make into Other Things" and a special series that I'm bringing to you where, around once a month, I select something from the bin of things and I make it into some other thing.  No rules, except to just have fun and change the object in some way and make it beautiful.

For the first installment of "Things,"  I have chosen...

This mini cheese cutting board!!!

Materials used in this overhaul:

FolkArt One Decor Paint in Beeswax
FolkArt One Decor Paint in Cranberry Cocktail
Craft Smart Acrylic Paint in Chocolate Brown
Craft Smart Acrylic Paint in Campground
Craft Smart Acrylic Paint in White
Watercolor Brush
Foil Leaf
Gilding Adhesive
Epoxy Resin

I started by lightly sanding the cutting board and painting it white as a primer:

Then I sketched on my subject and started painting. 

Once I had the colors down as I liked them, I went ahead and inked in the details.

Next I gilded the divot around the piece with some foil leaf.

Last, I coated the piece in resin, to protect the paint and give a nice glossy surface.

Here is the final product!!!

If you want to watch clips of this project in process, check out my Instagram account this week!  I'll be featuring reels of this artwork! 

Atmospheric Noise Instagram

If you are interested in buying this piece, it will be available on my Etsy shop later this month- and it's one of a kind, so once it's gone, it's gone!!

Crafted By Life Designs Etsy

I'm looking for your input on what "Thing" I make into some other thing next!  Head on over to my Patreon site and vote in my poll!  

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