Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Pattern Experience: Bernat Diamonds and Tweed Blanket

My Pattern Experience: Bernat Diamonds and Tweed Blanket

This was one of my first large crochet projects.  I started it YEARS ago.  Literally YEARS.  I enjoyed the pattern of the blocks because it was unique yet easy.  I remember getting through a large chunk of the squares and then putting it aside.  When I picked it back up, I finished the squares but never seamed them.  Then, about a year ago, I started seaming but I chose to be lazy and try and cover up a bunch of ends with my seaming.  It didn't work so well, so I ended up setting it aside. I pulled it back out when I was going through all of my WIPs that I had thrown off to the side, knowing that if I could just buck up and finish it, that I would have a complete blanket with minimal effort.  I ripped out all the seams, sewed in every end, and reseamed it.  I still don't like how the seams turned out, and if I were to start it all over, I know that I would be able to do it better this time around with many more years of experience under my belt.  I gave it away though, got it out of my house and hopefully the recipient likes it, because I don't want it back in my house!!  Pretty pattern, but so glad to be done with it! :)

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