Busy Week!

The past week has been ridiculously busy!  We've gone to my husband's hometown to show off the new baby, and this whole week has been spent running to dr. appointments and to see family.  I've been working on creating some hat sets for my family~ almost have one done and have the pattern picked for the second set.  Tomorrow, I need to check the status of the freezer in the garage~ if it's clean, lily and I will be making these: http://www.ourbestbites.com/2009/09/single-serving-pie-in-jar.html
They're little mini pies in a jar!  I think Lily will have fun helping me make these for our family!  Tomorrow, we're doing the sweet pies~ I picked cherry, blueberry and apple, and am hoping to make a stop at walmart tomorrow~ I need some random things like diapers and printer ink... and hopefully they'll have a little fabric pack that will work for decorating the jars.  If all goes well, we'll be making the savory ones next week or the week after.  I'll post pictures of our adventures!

I still have about 10 christmas presents to make~ crochet-wise, and then some other random handmade gifts that I would like to attempt.  The theme I've set this year for my gifts is "A Touch of Warmth"~ hence the mini pies, hats, scarves, slippers and gloves. 

More to come tomorrow!