d20 fun-ness! [crochet pattern]

The d-20 is done!  and, if you ask me, it looks awesome!!!!  After figuring out the equilateral triangle, it worked up rather quickly!  Find my own special pattern below!!

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d-20 Pattern

two colors of yarn of your choice
size G hook
tapestry needle for finishing off

Tip: leave long strings at the ends for ease in assembling and weaving the ends in.

Equilateral Triangle (make 20)

*edited to add* for this pattern, it is always assumed that you will chain 1 and turn at the end of each row.  I have updated the initial chain to include this.  Thanks to whoever it was who left me that note informing me of the error!!!*

Chain 21
R1: start with sc in 2nd ch, sc in each ch (20 sc)
R2: dec in first 2 sc, sc in next 16, dec in last 2 sc (18sc)
R3: sc across (18sc)
R4: dec in first 2 sc, sc in next 14, dec in last 2 sc (16sc)
R5: sc across (16sc)
R6: dec in first 2 sc, sc in next 12, dec in last 2 sc (14sc)
R7: sc across (14sc)
R8: dec in first 2 sc, sc in next 10, dec in last 2 sc (12sc)
R9: sc across (12sc)
R10: dec in first 2 sc, sc in next 8, dec in last 2 sc (10sc)
R11: sc across (10sc)
R12: dec in first 2 sc, sc in next 6, dec in last 2 sc (8sc)
R13: sc across (8sc)
R14: dec in first 2 sc, sc in next 4, dec in last 2 sc (6sc)
R15: sc across (6sc)
R16: dec in first 2 sc, sc in next 2, dec in last 2 sc (4 sc)
R17: sc across (4sc)
R18: dec in first 2 sc, dec in last 2 sc (2sc)
R19: dec in remaining 2 sc, FO.

take 5 triangles, connect at top two sides of triangle to form a 5 sided pyramid.  make four of these, then connect, leaving one side open for stuffing.  Fill to your decided firmness, sew last edge, fo.


  1. I keep getting stuck on the first row. Is it a given that you chain one before going onto the next row?

  2. yes! thanks for noticing that! you always ignore the ch1 though when working your sc's.

  3. too COOL! I am going to have a happy hubby for christmas.

  4. I didn't have any luck connecting the 5-sided pyramids. but eventually, it was made. also, don't overstuff or you'll get a ball. Thank you! the recipient loves it

  5. So by the way the picture makes it look this is about the size of a soccer ball....

    1. Yes. This is meant to be a large scale die, as a stuffed toy for a child. :)

    2. oh I was trying to make this so it could be used as the health counter for Magic the Gathering

    3. You could probably decrease the size if you went with steel hooks and crochet thread. You could also start with fewer in your chain and start in the pattern where your number of chains match the number of stitches across. :)

    4. I've actually been drafting it and I found a way to ensure that you will not end up with a ball if you over stuff it. if you use the plastic canvas used for needle work as a guide for the numbers like draw on the numbers backwards of course then sew the numbers on the plastic canvas will hold the shape its a work in progress but I think its a good idea I will definitely let you know if it works out

    5. Let me know if that works! I will add it to the post if it does! :)

  6. Bout a quarter of the way done with my project. Looking great so far. Gonna give it to one of the guys in my roleplaying group for Christmas. ^_^

  7. Finally done! This did take me quite awhile. https://instagram.com/p/7CLE2nlGNh/?taken-by=lauram76_