New Hooks and Camera Woes

Well, yesterday I picked up the largest hook I could find to add to my collection.  It's a size Q.  It's huge.  When I went, I was actually looking for an S hook, which is even bigger!  I bought it for a hat pattern I found to make for my daughters~ Lily asked for me to make them matching winter hats.  I figured, cool... huge hook, easier to work with.  Now don't get me wrong, it is easier.  The pattern, however, now that I've been working on it, makes no sense whatsoever.  I personally don't like to work hats that aren't made in the round.  I think the pattern was having me work from the bottom up, but it never had me connect anything, and so I got scared about the size of it and ripped it all out.  Four rows of crochet down the tube.  I'm just going to try and write my own pattern for this type of hat, just done in the round instead.  I think I can probably swing it on my own, just by following the natural increase pattern.  We'll find out!

On sad news, my camera is not working right.  Every time I try to take a picture, it acts like it's working, but when I go to view the images it says that there's a card error and it's write protected.  I've tried formatting the cards, I've tried different cards, I've also downloaded the master program again and checked the firmware on the camera, but thus far, no success.  This is a major bummer.  If I can't get it working, I'll be camera-less until our tax returns come in, because I can't afford to replace the dslr until then! I'm off now to go google and see if I can find a fix for my woes!

Today, I'm working on uploading some old snapshots to my server so that I can have them printed for our scrapbook projects.  I've dug out all my old discs and am currently uploading photos from the zoo trip we made in the summer LAST YEAR.  I've been really bad about printing pictures for the past year!!  :(  Well, at least I have new inspiration to edit and print them!  (thank goodness for 19 cent prints!)  I'm also going to see if Lily wants to work on a new page for our book today.  I may need another day or two to spike her interest up again....  It might also be prudent of me to pick up the house a little, since I pretty much ignored it yesterday in favor of finishing up some crafts!