Scrapbooking with Lily

So today, Lily (my 3.5 year old) and I went to Michaels to pick up a few sticker sets for our upcoming and ongoing project.  I've found that she handles having the new baby in her life better if she gets to do something that engages her and makes her feel special.  Thus, I have printed a bunch of pictures of fun stuff we've done, and we're going to work together to make it into a Family Fun scrapbook.  I have more pictures to print, but I've got us about 40 pictures to start and sort through.

Today, after we got back, we did our first page.  I wanted to see how well she could focus on it and how long I could hold her interest while doing it.  It took us about an hour (and wouldn't have taken us that long if I had known where everything was.  About 20 minutes of that was spent digging through my boxes...).  Her attention waned at the very end, but throughout the rest of it, she was awesome.  She spread all the glue, put on the stickers and helped me pick out all the paper for the page.

And here it is!!!

[sorry the picture quality isn't that great, I had to take it with my phone since my camera is currently on the fritz!]

I think we'll try to do a page a day or every other day, depending on our schedule and her interest.  If we can keep it up, and it keeps her interest, we could have a super fun scrapbook really soon!!