The Lattice Hat [crochet pattern]

I'm on fire this week with the finishing of crochet projects.  Another one in the bag... the Lattice Hat. 

Yet another pattern that I've adjusted for myself, for ease of reading as well as understanding.  The website that it came from has wonderful step by step photo instructions for how to do the LTC, so all you'll find here are the written instructions.  Visit the link if you need more of a visual instruction.

Lattice Hat

H hook for body
G hook for ribbing

SC- single crochet
DC- double crochet
FPDC- Front post double crochet
BPDC- Back post double crochet
LTC- Lattice treble cluster

Special Stitch:

Lattice Treble Cluster:
YO 2 times. Insert hook under first LTC from round before last, YO, pull loop up. (5 loops on hook)
YO, pull through first two loops on hook.  YO, pull through next 2 loops on hook. (2 loops remain on hook)
YO 2 times.  Insert hook under next LTC from round before last, YO, pull loop up. (5 loops on hook)
YO, pull through first two loops on hook.  YO, pull through next 2 loops on hook. (3 loops on hook)
YO, pull through all three loops.  LTC is complete.

Additional Notes:
Ch 2 at the beginning of each dc row, counts as first dc. 
For rows that begin with fpdc:  ch 2, fpdc down into starting stitch.  Ignore ch 2 henceforth.  Sl st into the first actual stitch at the end of every row.

Ch 4, join
R1:  9 dc in ring.
R2: 2 fpdc in each dc (18 fpdc)
R3: * fpdc in fpdc, dc in space between fpdc, fpdc in next 2 fpdc, dc in space between fpdc, fpdc in next fpdc* repeat around.  (18 fpdc, 9 dc)
R4: *fpdc in fpdc, dc in dc, fpdc in fpdc, dc in space between fpdc* repeat around (18 fpdc, 18 dc)
R5: *fpdc in fpdc, dc inc in dc, fpdc in fpdc, dc in dc* repeat around (18 fpdc, 27 dc)
R6: *Fpdc in fpdc, dc in dc, dc in dc, fpdc in fpdc, dc inc in dc* repeat around. (18 fpdc, 36 dc)
R7: *Fpdc in fpdc, dc in dc, dc inc in dc* repeat around. (18 fpdc, 54 dc)
R8: dc around. (72 dc)
R9: ch 1, sc in same st, sc, LTC.(for first repetition use fpdc, for all others, follow special stitch instructions)  *sk 1 dc, sc next 3 dc, LTC* repeat 17 times, sk 1 dc, sc next dc, slst in first sc (18 LTC, 54 sc)
R10: Dc around (72 dc)
R11: ch 1, LTC, *
sc in next 3 dc, LTC, sk 1 dc* repeat 17 times, sc next 3 dc, slst to first LTC.  (18 LTC, 54 sc)
R12-21: Repeat Rows 8-11, ending with row 9.
Switch to G hook
R22: *fpdc down into sc, bpdc, fpdc, bpdc* repeat around (36 fpdc, 36 bpdc)  FPDC should fall on the peak of the LTC and the middle of the LTC.
R23-24: fpdc in fpdc, bpdc in bpdc around. (36 fpdc, 36 bpdc)
Fasten off and weave in ends.


  1. Is there any visual video showing the LTC? I am having trouble getting it right. Went over it so many times and don't know what I am missing.

  2. Hello! I tried sending this question to the original creator of this hat, but it absolutely won't go through (and there's no email listed). I hope you don't mind me asking here and understand if you can't get to it!

    Everything goes absolutely great up until row 11, when all of a sudden my LTCs start slanting off to the side. At first I thought that maybe continuing the pattern would correct the problem, but instead of those nice, neat little diamonds that are in the picture of the finished version, there are a series of parallelograms.

    I *think* I've figured out the issue, I just don't know how to correct it or what I've missed/not done correctly in the pattern. When I DC 72 in row 10, I end not directly above the point of an LTC from the row previous, but smack in the middle of two of them. When I start row 11 by chaining 1 and then immediately making an LTC, I'm starting the LTC waaaay off to the side, which creates the slant. However, row 9 went perfectly (I counted stitches and I ended by slipping into the first SC from the previous row) and row 10 also counts up.

    Any insights? I can send pictures if you'd like. I've tried it three times already. I really really love the hat and have a beautiful yarn I'd like to make it with, if I can get it to work.

    Thank you in advance! And thanks for putting together the site, absolutely beautiful work. :D

    You can contact me at kristinabelling AT yahoo DOT com if you'd prefer.

  3. hmmm. it sounds like you've got everything right, you should be starting in between LTC, working an LTC in the next LTC (which is a bit of a stretch), then 3 sc, then an LTC in that same LTC you just stitched in (working kind of backwards on the piece), lastly skip one dc. That should create a V shape. then it's just repeating that V shape. Does that make sense or help? Please let me know, if it does I'll make a note in the pattern. :)

  4. Well it's good to know that I'm supposed to end up between the LTCs... I have no idea why my v shapes look so terrible, though maybe I'm just working the stitches too tight? But yes, it helps reassure me I'm on the right track! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. :D

  5. Ah, I've got what I did wrong - I was starting to LTC moving forward; your advice about "working kind of backwards" clued me in. I should have done the first LTC of row 11 between the last LTC from row 9 and the first from row 9, then continued like normal. I'm doing that now and it's making a perfect diamond pattern. :)

    ...and if I'm still technically doing it wrong, at least it looks good! Thanks again for your help.