His and Hers Scarves [crochet pattern]

As I've mentioned, part of my christmas gifting is going to include couplings of gifts, such as husband/wife and mother/daughter.  I've created this pattern for a couple of very special Iowa Hawkeye fans in my life, with differing styles.  The colors I've used are, of course, black and gold, but I've made variations.  I bought just standard worsted weight Red Heart yarn, in black and gold, and then I also purchased gold and black crochet thread.  For the woman, I paired the glittery gold thread with the black yarn, and for the man, I've paired the black thread with the gold yarn.  Note, if you choose to do something like this, make sure you've bought enough thread for the project.  At first, I only bought one of the gold thread, not realizing that it was only 100 yards (where my black thread is 300 yards) and then I had to go back and buy another ball when I was only halfway done with the scarf!  So, for your reference, it takes around 200 yards of each yarn and thread to complete one scarf.

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His and Hers Lattice Scarves

2 contrasting colors, 200 yds each
Size H hook

Special Stitch:
Front Post Treble Lattice stitch (FPTL):  YO twice, insert hook in front post of dc two rows below, YO, pull loop through.  YO, draw through two loops, YO, draw through two loops, YO, draw through two loops.


With A, Ch 21

R1: DC in fourth chain from hook.  DC across to end, ch 2 (does not count as hdc), turn. (19 dc)
R2: hdc in each st to end (19 hdc)
R3: join B, drop a, ch 3 (counts as DC), dc in next st, FPTL, dc, FPTL, dc, FPTL, dc in next 5 st, FPTL, dc, FPTL, dc, FPTL, dc in last two st. (19 st)
R4: ch 2 (does not count as hdc), hdc in each st to end. (19 st)
R5: ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in next 6 sts, FPTL, dc, FPTL, dc, FPTL, dc in last 7 sts. (19 st)

Repeat from R2-R5 for the desired length of the scarf.  FO, weave in ends.