My favorite scarf, and a knit vs. crochet comparison. [knit pattern and crochet pattern]

So one of the people that I'm gifting for just told me that they wanted a scarf, and told me to do whatever i felt like.  I looked through a million patterns, but just couldn't find anything that I really liked.  So I thought about myself, what I liked, and the first thing I thought about was my favorite scarf of all time.  The only problem is, that it's a knit.  I haven't knitted in about 3 years because I love crochet so much!  So, I looked at the scarf and thought about how easy it would be to translate that into a crochet pattern.  First, let me list the two patterns, because they are so simple it's not even funny!

Ribbed Scarf [knit version]

Cast on 20.  *k2, p2* repeat until end of row. turn, and repeat.  take care to knit in the stitches that you purled and purl in the stitches that you knitted.  Make as long as you want.   (I make it suuuuper long because it's nice and cozy)

Ribbed Scarf [crochet version]

Chain 22.
R1: dc in 3rd chain from hook, dc across to end.  (20 st)
R2: ch 3 (does not count as dc) *FPDC in next two dc, BPDC in next two dc* repeat to end. (20 st)
Repeat row 2 until scarf is desired length, taking care to FPDC in st where you BPDC'd before and BPDC in the st where you FPDC'd before.

See how easy they are?  They both are just a simple repetition for the length of the scarf.  They work up very quickly too!  I love using the Lion Brand Homespun yarn for these, they make it warm and very fuzzy, especially after a quick run in the washing machine and dryer!

Now here's the thing.  Even though the patterns are both for a rib, they produce very different results.  Just take a look at my pictures below:

[insert images here]

Now, nevermind that the crochet version is very short.  I wasn't doing it to make anything, just merely show how the two look in comparison.  See how the qualities are very different?  Each is nice, in it's own way, but they have very different characteristics.  I think it's something that us crafters sometimes lose sight of~ I had gotten so into crochet, that I had forgotten about the lushness of this scarf, the way that the knit stretches and feels different.  It might make me break out my knitting needles more often!  :)