is there anything you'd like to see?

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I'm always game for new ideas~ and I've got many, believe me!  From wedding invitations to cards, to more crocheted items (I love making my own patterns)... if you've seen something you like but don't know where to go about creating it, or how to make a pattern, let me know!  I love new challenges!

Lately my time has been spent....

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doing so many miscellanous things that I just can't write about them!  I figure I'll give you all the "gist" of what I'm working on, and I promise that when things all get finished, there will be lots more posting.  This is all inspired by the fact that I finished the portrait functioning part of my website.... so now I wanted to be able to get the other parts up as well~ but as things usually are with me, I dove into everything headfirst and am now backlogged with projects!

I've been making bows and clips for little girls, coccoons for babies, hats for babies, working on a comissioned blanket, along with outlining my plans for my wedding supply section of my website.  Not only this, but I'm trying to finish this one afghan~ gotta get it done over the course of this next week so I can start on my next one. 

Then, of course, once I get all that done, I have to photograph it, post it and hopefully sell some stuff.  I'm also thinking about trying to find out about the art fest this year~ and perhaps take part, selling my fine art photography.  I've got a busy year ahead of me, and January has already almost slipped me by!

Sorry for the delay, but....

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I've been busy!

I've taken a brief break from crafting, since the holidays, but it's been with good reason!  I've been working on re-vamping my website and business and have been outlining and sketching new things to create!  This week, I'm so excited to get started crafting and photographing as I finally get to set my ideas in motion!

What you'll be seeing in coming blog updates:

  • Wedding Favors, decor, bouquets, bouttionnaires, hairpieces and more!
  • New and unique handcrafted items!
  • Photography props!
  • New Photography exploits!
I look forward to sharing it all with you!

Quilt Restoration: destruction

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Front, Remaining bits of batting and back of quilt.

They're all apart now, just waiting for a day where I can whip out my sewing machine and begin reinforcing seams.  Soon.... very soon.

New Website, new Business Model!

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I have just finished the first half of my new website~ which encorporates all of the photography end of my business.  Soon to come will be the other half, including the supplies for weddings and photographers.  I hope you will all check it out!

Right now, you have to go through one site to get to the other, but soon, it will all be on one location!

Quilt Restoration...


Wow.  take a closer look at that picture.  do you notice all the tears? 

This blanket was made for my husband when he was just a little boy.  It's huge, it's snuggly and the fabric is all soft and worn.  Trouble was, a couple years ago, it started ripping at, like every seam.  the inner batting had all dissolved, so now it was lumpy and stuffing was falling out of all of its holes.  I put it lovingly in the back of the closet, for a later date, to do something with.  Well, I recently pulled it out of the closet to inspect, and have now started work on restoring it.  I lovingly took out all the seams around the edges, separating the front and backing, as well as all the loose stuffing in the middle.  Now, I have a front, that is very damaged, a back that isn't really damaged, and the border, which I managed to salvage as well.  Now, I'm pinning seams, snipping extra threads and getting it ready for repair.  Soon, I'll start sewing on it.  Eventually, I'm going to have to find a couple pieces of fabric that sort of match to replace a few of the missing bits.  I hope to give the final restored quilt to my husband for his birthday in July.  I won't be able to work on it very often, because I want it to be a surprise... but expect updates whenever I get work done on it!  :)


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Now, while I do, from time to time, make doilies, I don't do it often.  You have to be a pretty special person to get one from me because they are 1.) time consuming, and 2.) hurt my hands because of the super small hook!  This one, I made from a pattern I found on the internet and made it for my husbands grandma for christmas.  :)

New Years Crafting Resolutions

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Every year, it seems, I start projects that I don't ever finish.  This year, however, is going to be the year of finishing crafts and completing long term projects for christmas gifting.  I have three afghans that I am currently working on, and my goal is to complete those, along with at least 3 others.

i plan on choosing at least a couple of these to do:

Very soon, I will be finished with one of the bernat ones~ I'll post pictures of the squares when they're all done, before they get sewn together.

There is lots of other crafting to do this year as well, with much work to be done for my business expansion...  It's all hush hush until I have the web space to put it on, but very soooooon... you'll start seeing some of the new products that I'll be selling and sneak previews of some of my new art!  :)