Adorable custom dress!

Just wanted to show you all this fantastic new custom dress that is going to be part of our new lineup!  It features a hand knit top with two select fabrics used as the bottom!  It's pure cuteness! 

And as always, custom versions are available!  Don't like the colors? no problem!  Just send a request and we can make one just for you!

Available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12mo -2T, 3T and 4T.  Headband has a tie and is One Size Fits All.

The set, Dress + Headband is $50, For just the headband, $10.

Craft Studio Update!


As part of our forthcoming release of our new studio here at LiLu Studios, we are preparing a wonderful 7 day tutorial on how to start crocheting, the basic stitches, and how to teach yourself, online!  Look for our new How-To series to arrive in the next week, along with sneak previews of our new product line that will be available on our website!

For today, we wanted to share some inspiration!  Here's just a few cool things that we've seen recently that you might enjoy!

  For those of us who craft our children's halloween costumes, or our own, or even our own decorations, we've got to start early, and for me, now is about that time.  I start first on the decorations, so that they're ready to be displayed when the first of October rolls around and then they're also done and out of the way so that I can work on the costuming!  Here's a list of the craft projects that we've been eyeing to add to our usual bats and garbage bag ghosts and paper towel ghosts!  (See our tutorial from last Halloween!!)
Well, that's our list for right now... we'll pare down what we actually do to about 5-6 projects, and we'll post pictures as we complete them.  In the meantime, look for our upcoming How-To Tutorials and much more to come!

We're back!

After much delay with some internet problems as well as a very busy summer, we're finally back!

We are pleased to announce that several large changes have been made to our business as well as our website!  I'm going to go over all the changes here in a little bit.

First, I would like to go a little more in depth as to the name change that we have recently undergone, from June Lily Photography to LiLu Studios: Photography, Crafts and Mayhem.

We changed our name with the intent of offering more, unique and lovely items that everyone could enjoy.  We never stick to just one thing here at the studio, creating all sorts of fun things from all different realms of crafts and fine arts.  We aren't just a photography studio, we crochet, knit, sew, craft, scrapbook, make cards, graphic design, slide show design, jewelry design, prints, pretty much you name it and we do it! 

Thus, we consider ourselves not just to be one business, but many facets, or studios, in our case.

From here on out, you will now be seeing blogs with one of the following headings:

Photography Studio:  This is fairly self explanatory, all blogs with this heading will deal directly with our photography offerings or happenings.

Crafts Studio:  This category will be all of the other crafts that don't fit into the photography heading.

Mayhem Studio:  Not to be confused with the Allstate mayhem man, these blogs will all contain things that just don't belong elsewhere!

Now... for the changes that we've made to our website.

First, we've changed our layout, color scheme, home page and menus in order for easier access.  If you have any suggestions, complaints or whatever, please(!) contact us!  We would love to hear your feedback to know how we're serving you, and of course, how we could do it better.

Second, after a bit of waffling about on our prices and what sorts of packages we should offer for our photography services, we have finally settled on a mix of the best things about our old pricing system (the low base fee, with exceptional service) and mixing in a few fresh ideas (a brand new a la carte menu!).  Take a look, I think you'll like what you see!

And lastly, as of tonight, we finally have our crafts section available!!!  It's a little sketchy right now and we're doing some more remodeling yet, so bear with us... and as always, feedback is welcome!

A bit about our new services!!

The Photo Booth!!!  This is our favorite of the new services that we are offering, and there's no mistaking why!  This service is available with or without the purchase of a wedding package (though a discount does apply for booking it with a wedding)  We set up a photo-booth at your reception, stay for about an hour to an hour and a half and your guests can come through, be silly, and make use of our fantastic photo props!  They can come through as many times as they want, enjoy the process and have fun with it!  If you choose, your photo-booth experience can include a coupon for each of your guests to receive one free 4"x6" print from the photo-booth album following the wedding!

Wedding Invitations!!!  We are now equipped to design wedding invitations and programs as well!  Choose one of our pre-made basic designs, or ask us to design a custom card for you!  We are working on this part of our website, so all requests for now must go through the contact link or to our email :)

Wedding Favors!!! This section of our website will be going live along with our wedding invitations.  As with the invitations, you can choose one of our pre-made designs, or if you have something in mind but can't seem to figure out how to make it happen, we can custom design one for you!

Party Packages!!! Pretty much the exact same blurb as the two above this one.  Almost ready to go live, but still working on the website mechanics.

With these last three items, if you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.   We have all the information, examples and everything, just not ready to go live on the web!

That's all for tonight's update.  There is much more that I want to tell you about but it is far too late! :) 

Visit our site today!!!!