Just another update!

I'm in the hard core Christmas crafting where it's all still SUPER SECRET....  so I can't really divulge much, but let's just say I'm up to my eyeballs in crafts and LOVING it!!  I've got about 10-15 gifts more that I need to finish, and once Christmas passes, I'll be sharing tons!  I've got a lovely little pattern coming up for an earflap hat, one that has been done in many different ways.  I will be sharing it for free just because it's so easy that anyone can do it!  I also plan on trying to do my 30 days of hats (the one that I tried to do last year but life just got in the way) and will be doing those posts in january or February.... so keep your eyes out for those as well!

Also be on the look out for our typical holiday crafting tutorials, this year we'll be making soap, bath salts, cookie and soup mixes in jars and raspberry jelly with raspberries that we saved from our garden this summer!  We also plan on making some custom wrapping paper this year! :)