Can I make it?

This time of year I'm filled with thoughts of "can I make it?"  I feel totally overwhelmed between work, holiday crafting and gift finding and purchasing!  So here are my current "can I make it" goals and thoughts!

"Can I make it" Number 1:

So this year, if you haven't noticed, I set a goal of reading 100 books.  I'm getting ever closer to my goal, but with only 26 days left in the year, can I make it??  I'm currently up to 86 books and on my way to finishing my 87th, but that still leaves 13 books with an average of 2 days time to read each one!  I'm not sure I'll make it unless I throw some shorter books into the mix, we'll just have to see!!

"Can I make it" Number 2:

I have about 20 some odd holiday crafting/gift projects that are either in progress or haven't been started!!  These include, custom gloves, blankets, hats and then of course my mass christmas present, which has been started but is in no way close to being done.  This year's theme is "Naughty or Nice"~ I bet you all can't wait to find out what I think you've been, eh?

"Can I make it" Number 3:

I've been on a quest to lose the baby weight this year, and while I've done ok, I haven't made my goal for this year.  I have about 10 lbs that I would like to lose before the holidays... but Can I make it?  This might be the hardest one of them all!