Mossy Water Washcloth {Crochet Pattern}

In yet another one of my holiday crafting mad moments, I created ANOTHER pattern!  I just can't seem to stop, and I LOVE it!  Today's pattern is a very simple washcloth, made using the Moss Stitch that I have loved so much during this holiday crafting season.  I really enjoy using nice ombres and cotton yarn to make this super nice, scrubby washcloths.

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Size H Hook
A ball of yarn: I use cotton, because it washes and dries very well as well as it acts more like a towel than with most yarns.
Ch 30
R1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, *sk1, ch1, sc* to end, turn.
R2: ch 2, sc in the first ch1 space, *sk sc, ch1,  sc in ch1 space* to end, turn.
R3-?:  Repeat R2 until your piece is square.
Pattern Notes:
Easy ways to change this pattern:
Add a border!  A border is a great way to finish off a project and can be as simple as an sc row all the way around, or as complex as stacked shells.