Free! Sesame Street "My World is Green and Growing"

So by now, you should have figured out that I love Sesame Street.  I think they're a great educational tool for children, and both of my kids have loved growing up with the whole cast of characters.  There's a reason that they've had so many seasons and are still going strong.  Well, today's Freebie is another great one from Sesame Street, entitled "My World is Green and Growing."

It is an 18 page booklet that you can print out and it contains activities, ideas, games, and much more for your children to do to get out and explore the world.  I thought this was especially timely as things are starting to turn green again (I just saw my chives peek out from the dirt two days ago, and my first seedling popped out of its pod as well!)

There is also a Nature Tip video that you can watch with your child to help get them excited.  I just printed my copy, and I think spring break is the perfect time to start some fun!

Visit Sesame Street's "My World is Green and Growing"