Basket Weave Washcloth {crochet pattern}

The Holidays are Coming!!!

This means that I'm in full out crafting mode, creating lots of awesome new things that I can't share yet... which is killing me!!!!  After the holidays are over, you'll be treated with lots of new patterns, projects and the like, and for now, you just have to be patient. To ease the wait, here's a simple washcloth pattern that you can whip up in less than an hour, and it's easily taken with you for working on while riding in a car or bus or waiting for an appointment.  They're great for lots of uses, I have a whole stack in my bathroom :)

Basket Weave Washcloth
Copyright 2010-2012 LiLu Studios: This Crafting Life, by Lori Steffens. {} Make it, Wear it, Love it, but above all, Share it, don't Sell it!

Materials needed:
Cotton yarn, I use Sugar and Cream or Peaches and Cream
Size "I" Hook

Ch 26 (last 2 ch form first dc)

R1:  dc in 3rd ch from hook and each ch to end, turn (32 st)
R2:  ch 2, FPDC, * BPDC in next 4dc, FPDC in next 4dc* repeat 2x, BPDC in next 4 st, FPDC, dc into turning chain from previous row, turn.
R3:  ch 2, BPDC, * BPDC in next 4dc, FPDC in next 4dc* repeat 2x, BPDC in next 4 st, FPDC, dc into turning chain from previous row, turn.
R4: ch 2, FPDC, *FPDC in next 4 dc, BPDC in next 4 dc* repeat 2x, FPDC in next 4 st, BPDC, dc into turning chain from previous row, turn.
R5: ch 2, BPDC, *FPDC in next 4 dc, BPDC in next 4 dc* repeat 2x, FPDC in next 4 st, BPDC, dc into turning chain from previous row, turn.

Repeat Row 2-5 until your piece is square.

Finish off and weave in ends.

I hope you enjoy making these for your family and friends!

Scouting Sunday #6: Thanksgiving Food!

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My kids and I love sticky buns (or monkey bread as some people call it).  I can't wait to make these for Thanksgiving!  Find the recipe over at Sunny Side Up!

The Idea Room posted these adorable turkey's made out of oreos and candy corn!  Love it! :)

I love the idea of these tiny pies for my girls, I think they'd love the size and they'd be easier for them to eat!  Find the recipe at Make and Takes!

I love the idea of making food into the turkey :)  Check out these examples!  The fruit turkey is from Clean and Scentsible, and the veggie turkey is from Eating with Food Allergies.

And some other cute Thanksgiving ideas...

Candy Corn on the cob?  Yes please!  So cute and so delicious!

Give rolls and be thankful!  Check out this awesome idea to spread the thanks this Thanksgiving!  The girl who ate everything has these thankful rolls!

  If you're a blogger and you've been "Scouted" be sure to grab a button at the bottom to put on your blog or post!

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Tilly The Turkey Hat {Crochet Pattern}

Hey, it's almost Thanksgiving!  Don't you wish you had an obnoxiously cute hat for your child to wear?  I personally love the obnoxiously cute hats and have begun a quest to provide my children with a plethora of them.  This month, in honor of Thanksgiving, I'm giving back to my followers with a free pattern for ages 12 month-36 month and 4-6 years.  (It might even go up a bit to 7-8, depending on the size of the head.)

So enjoy, Tilly the Turkey! (named by my daughter because, and I quote, "It rhymes with Lily")

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tilly the Turkey Crochet Hat

Tilly the Turkey Hat
Copyright 2010-2012 LiLu Studios: This Crafting Life, by Lori Steffens. {} Make it, Wear it, Love it, but above all, Share it, don't Sell it!  
Please feel free to share this item, but do not sell.  I have the item for sale in my Etsy shop if you want to buy one instead of making one!

Materials Needed:

1/3 skein worsted weight yarn, brown (for main hat)
small amounts of worsted weight, in red, orange, yellow, white and black
Size H Crochet hook
Embroidery needle, for weaving in ends

Pattern instructions:

pattern written for 12-36 month size with changes for larger size in (parentheses)

ch 4, join to form ring  OR  use magic ring method
R1:  In ring, dc 10(11) times
R2:  ch3, dc in same, 2dc in each st remaining- 20st (22st)
R3:  ch3, dc in same, dc in next *2dc, 1dc* to end- 30st (33st)
R4:  ch3, dc in same, [dc in next *twice] *2dc, 1dc, 1dc* to end- 40st (44st)
R5:  ch3, dc in same, {dc in next *three times] *2dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc* to end- 50st (55st)
R6-10:  ch3, dc in each st around- 50st (55st)
R11-12: Work for LARGER SIZE ONLY: ch3, dc in each st around (55st)
R13:  Work for both sizes:  ch3, dc in next 37 (39) st, turn
R14:  ch3, dc in next 37(39) st, turn
{Forming the first earflap now}
R15:  ch3, dc2tog, 8dc, dc2tog, turn
R16:  ch3, dc2tog, 6dc, dc2tog, turn
R17:  ch3, dc2tog, 4dc, dc2tog, turn
R18:  ch3, [dc2tog] *three times, FO.

For Second Earflap:
Reattach yarn at opposite end of Row 14
Work as for Rows 15-18, FO.

set aside hat.

Tilly's Accoutrements

Head Feathers:

Make 3, one in each color (or more as you desire)

Ch 12
dc in 4th chain from hook, and in next 7 ch, work 5 dc in last ch, turning piece clockwise to work on the other side of chain, dc in next 8 ch.  FO, leaving a tail for attaching to hat.


Make 1, in red

Ch 12
dc in 4th ch from hook, and work in remaining chains as follows: dc, dc, hdc, sc, sc, sc, hdc, 7dc in last ch, work hdc to join circle and FO, leaving a tail for attaching.


make 1, in orange

Ch 5

Sc in 1st ch, hdc in 2nd ch, dc in 3rd, and trc in 4th.  FO.


Make two in white:

ch 4 and join OR use magic ring
ch3, 11dc in ring, join and FO, leaving tail for attaching.


Make 2 in black:

ch 4 and join OR use magic ring
ch 1, 6 sc in ring, join, FO, leaving tail for attaching.

Now comes the fun part!  Assemble your turkey!  I find it easiest to put it on a head (real or fake) and pin the pieces where I like them and then to sew them on.  Once all the pieces are attached, work a simple sc border around the entire edge using all three strands of red, orange and yellow.  If you like you could also attach a braid to the end of the earflaps.

It's not quite Saturday, but lets talk Savings! {Deal Dash Review}

So I just found out about this site and wanted to share it with you.  Have you ever heard of a penny auction?  Penny auctions allow you to get items at a cost that is far below retail value, in a sort of cost share with the other bidders.

Well, this new site, called DealDash, has tons of great items, from cameras and tvs to gift cards to all your favorite retailers. You buy a bid pack from Deal Dash and then you can start bidding in the auctions. Each bid will cost you $0.60 and make the price go up by 1 penny. If you win you pay the final item price in addition to your bids. If you lose, you do not get your bids back, BUT (here's what makes DealDash different from all the other sites) you can use those bids toward buying the item at the "buy it now" price.

 I'm not hugely into auctions, because I don't like the feeling of losing, but it is something that I would try if I saw something I really wanted at a price I couldn't pass up. Why don't you check it out today and see what you think!
Deal Dash

Disclosure: I have received compensation for writing this post and review, however all the opinions enclosed are my own.

Scouting Sunday #5: Thanksgiving Crafts!

This weeks scouting Sunday is all about.... drumroll please....  THANKSGIVING!

I love Thanksgiving for a couple of reasons.  I love the food and the togetherness, and the fact that once it's over, Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!

This week is going to be devoted to my favorite Thanksgiving crafts by fellow bloggers!!!  Remember, if you're scouted, grab a button and feature it proudly on your post!

My first Thanksgiving craft is from Bargain Bound, for their Give Thanks Tree!  I cut mine out this week and got the kids caught up :)  (Will post pictures in an upcoming post once I find my camera charger)

My second Thanksgiving craft pick this week is this cute leaf bunting by No Biggie!  Now, I don't have a cuttlebug or a cricut, but I do have some old fashioned scissors, colorful paper and an embossing tool!  I'm ready to go to work!!

I just love this glitter wreath!  I can picture it with so many themes, not just for the fall!  Go check it out over at Homemade by Jill!

Over the Big Moon has some GREAT thanksgiving printables!  Use these on picture frames, small gifts, the big table, or whereever!

I'm pretty darn sure I featured Baby Rabies last month, for their monster wreath.... well this month they've done it again, with Thom the Turkey!  Love love love!! 

Here's a couple of cute fingerprint and hand/foot print cards and keepsakes that you can take ideas from:

And then some non-blogger mentions:

Have you posted a cool how-to, tutorial or inspiration on your blog?  If so, link up below and you could be featured on a future edition of Scouting Sunday!!!

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