Tilly The Turkey Hat {Crochet Pattern}

Hey, it's almost Thanksgiving!  Don't you wish you had an obnoxiously cute hat for your child to wear?  I personally love the obnoxiously cute hats and have begun a quest to provide my children with a plethora of them.  This month, in honor of Thanksgiving, I'm giving back to my followers with a free pattern for ages 12 month-36 month and 4-6 years.  (It might even go up a bit to 7-8, depending on the size of the head.)

So enjoy, Tilly the Turkey! (named by my daughter because, and I quote, "It rhymes with Lily")

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tilly the Turkey Crochet Hat

Tilly the Turkey Hat
Copyright 2010-2012 LiLu Studios: This Crafting Life, by Lori Steffens. {http://www.thiscraftinglife.com/} Make it, Wear it, Love it, but above all, Share it, don't Sell it!  
Please feel free to share this item, but do not sell.  I have the item for sale in my Etsy shop if you want to buy one instead of making one!

Materials Needed:

1/3 skein worsted weight yarn, brown (for main hat)
small amounts of worsted weight, in red, orange, yellow, white and black
Size H Crochet hook
Embroidery needle, for weaving in ends

Pattern instructions:

pattern written for 12-36 month size with changes for larger size in (parentheses)

ch 4, join to form ring  OR  use magic ring method
R1:  In ring, dc 10(11) times
R2:  ch3, dc in same, 2dc in each st remaining- 20st (22st)
R3:  ch3, dc in same, dc in next *2dc, 1dc* to end- 30st (33st)
R4:  ch3, dc in same, [dc in next *twice] *2dc, 1dc, 1dc* to end- 40st (44st)
R5:  ch3, dc in same, {dc in next *three times] *2dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc* to end- 50st (55st)
R6-10:  ch3, dc in each st around- 50st (55st)
R11-12: Work for LARGER SIZE ONLY: ch3, dc in each st around (55st)
R13:  Work for both sizes:  ch3, dc in next 37 (39) st, turn
R14:  ch3, dc in next 37(39) st, turn
{Forming the first earflap now}
R15:  ch3, dc2tog, 8dc, dc2tog, turn
R16:  ch3, dc2tog, 6dc, dc2tog, turn
R17:  ch3, dc2tog, 4dc, dc2tog, turn
R18:  ch3, [dc2tog] *three times, FO.

For Second Earflap:
Reattach yarn at opposite end of Row 14
Work as for Rows 15-18, FO.

set aside hat.

Tilly's Accoutrements

Head Feathers:

Make 3, one in each color (or more as you desire)

Ch 12
dc in 4th chain from hook, and in next 7 ch, work 5 dc in last ch, turning piece clockwise to work on the other side of chain, dc in next 8 ch.  FO, leaving a tail for attaching to hat.


Make 1, in red

Ch 12
dc in 4th ch from hook, and work in remaining chains as follows: dc, dc, hdc, sc, sc, sc, hdc, 7dc in last ch, work hdc to join circle and FO, leaving a tail for attaching.


make 1, in orange

Ch 5

Sc in 1st ch, hdc in 2nd ch, dc in 3rd, and trc in 4th.  FO.


Make two in white:

ch 4 and join OR use magic ring
ch3, 11dc in ring, join and FO, leaving tail for attaching.


Make 2 in black:

ch 4 and join OR use magic ring
ch 1, 6 sc in ring, join, FO, leaving tail for attaching.

Now comes the fun part!  Assemble your turkey!  I find it easiest to put it on a head (real or fake) and pin the pieces where I like them and then to sew them on.  Once all the pieces are attached, work a simple sc border around the entire edge using all three strands of red, orange and yellow.  If you like you could also attach a braid to the end of the earflaps.