The Gypsy Crochet Thing Frilly Dress {Crochet Pattern}

{I found this pattern in a box of random vintage crafts that I received from family.  I figured I would share it here in it's original form.  Please note that I have typed it exactly as it was listed and have not worked the pattern yet myself.  I'll probably work it up at some point and post my comments and adjustments too :)  Enjoy!}

The Gypsy Crochet Thing by Jack Frost (the yarn people),
Volume 79, 1970
SIZE:  Dress measurement at bustline:  32", 36", 40"

MATERIALS:  3, 3, 4 (4-oz pull-skeins Jack Frost Wintuk Knitting Worsted type yarn)

"K" crochet hook

Dress is planned for 21" to the underarm, plus a 3-1/2" border which is added later.

GAUGE:  5 spaces = 3 inches.

Chain 56, 62, 68 

ROW 1:  1 DC in the 4th ch, * ch 1, 1 DC in 2nd ch, repeat from  * to the end. Piece will measure 16", 18", 20" wide.  

ROW 2:  Ch 4, turn, 1 DC under the ch 1 space, * ch 1, 1 DC under the next ch 1 space, repeat from the ' across, ending ch 1, 1 DC under the ch 4 space.

Repeat Row 2 for pattern. Work even in pattern for 21 ", or desired length to the underarm.

ARMHOLES: ROW 3:  Ch 1, turn, slip stitch across 6 stitches (3 spaces), ch 3, 1 DC under the next ch 1 space, work even in pattern across the row, not working the last 3 spaces. Work even on remaining spaces until armhole measures 7, 71/2, 8". End off.  

FRONT: Work the same as the back until 6, 6, 7 rows below the shoulder.  

NECK SHAPING: ROW 4:  Work across 14, 15, 17 spaces (ch 4 plus 14, 15, 17 DC).  

ROW 5:  Ch 2, turn, 1 DC under the second ch 1 space, work even to the end.  

ROW 6:  Work across 12, 13, 15 spaces. Continue in this way to decrease 1 DC each row until the front is the same length as the back. End off.

Attach yarn to the other armhole side, and starting with Row 4, work the other side to correspond.

Sew shoulder and side seams. Work 2 rows of SC around each armhole.

DIAMOND LACE BORDER:  Starting at the bottom, work 1 SC under any ch 1 space, * pull the loop on the hook up about 3/4 inch, ch 1, ch 1 and pull the loop up 3/4 inch, ch 1, 1 SC in the second ch 1 space, repeat from the * around. 

On the following rows work the SC under the hole of the previous row. Work 5 rows of border around the bottom.

Starting at the top of the 7th row of DC from the bottom, work 5 rows of diamond lace border around the dress. Work one row of border around the neck, working 1 SC under each ch 1 space on the back of the neck, and 1 SC under the first DC on the front, * 2 SC under the next DC, 1 SC under the next DC, repeat from the around. 

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