Atmospheric Noise: Bringing Beauty to Every Day

In one months time, you're about to experience a new kind of website.  A happy sort of exploration into the world around us, as told by different voices, found from across the world and explored in a unique manner.

Sometimes something happens that changes the way that you SEE everything.  Through experience and trauma I started really looking at the things I encountered daily, and seeing them in a different light. 

The soggy bowl of fruit loops on my counter became a photographic project where the subject was the thin swirls of color traipsing through the milk.  Bath time bubbles became an exaggerated display of rainbow spheres. Foods became an abstract array.  I started seeing houses and barns in a way that I never had, even though I had seen them everyday.

I decided then that we, as people, had become too focused on ourselves and our possessions, often struggling to tear our fleeting attention away from our iPhones and other gadgets.

I started photographing these small wonders, often manipulating the images to focus on the things that we don't see, which then took me on a journey through art school, opening my own photography business, and opening my eyes a little wider.

I will share this art with you, as others will share bits of themselves garnered by their expertise, from photography to story writing to a historical perspective.  Some articles will be strange facts for your enjoyment, some might be humorous musings, and others might just be beautiful images of the world around us.  The goal is to point out the beauty that is all around us in a unique manner and make every day a bit better!

This blog is meant to be a sharing ground, a multimedia attempt to unearth the interesting in the every day, mundane details that are often overlooked.  If you like it, please share it with the world.  Open the eyes of everyone to the beauty around them.  If you want to help with our exploratory project, contact me.  The more voices that contribute to the random world around them, the better!  Together, we can help everyone have a beautiful day, every day!