Guest Post: 5 Rainy-Day DIY Projects to Keep the Kids Busy

Guest Post by Patrick Rafferty

Keeping your kid entertained on a rainy day is a lot like catching a fly with your bare hands; it’s not impossible, but rather much easier said than done.

There’s only so long that a child should be in front of the TV. At a certain point, the burden of amusing your child falls upon the parent. You’ve got a golden opportunity, though. Rather than thinking of this as a mundane task, look at it as good bonding time with your kids, and even better, a chance to become a kid again, even if just for a day.

Here are a few easy do it yourself (DIY) projects that can be entertaining for the parents and kids alike.

 Make a Fort

I don’t care who you are, making a fort is fun. Go around your house and find everything that can become a foundation (couch cushions, blankets, tables, sleeping bags, etc.) and let your kid’s imagination go wild. Help them along when you see fit, but beyond that just sit back and watch. You’ll be amazed at what your kid will think of. One second they’ll be in a pirate ship, the next their castle will be under attack.


This age old game never gets old. And best of all, the more the merrier. This game can be played for hours on end, especially with a few kids or more than one parent. If it gets old, change it up a bit. Play hide-and-seek with an object rather than a person; the first person to find the object wins. Even better, make a scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless. Have your kid put some variations on the game and see what happens.

Pull out the Board Games

Every house should have a few board games for this very purpose. Board games can be fun for kids of all ages, and just as entertaining for the parent. Start off with Candyland and gradually evolve to incorporate more challenging games: Clue, Checkers, Scrabble or Chess. If you don’t have card games, at least buy a pack of cards and teach your kid Go Fish or Battle.

Make a Collage

Everyone has junk magazines they get in the mail. Rather than throwing it away, use it to your advantage. Making a collage will let your kids truly express themselves in a way you would never imagine. Hand them a pair of scissors and a glue stick and let them run wild. Tell them to imagine what they want to be when they grow up or ask them what their favorite activities are. Help them if they need it, but more than likely, they’ll be just fine.

Arts and Crafts

This one can potentially be a bit difficult, but also the most rewarding. You might not be the most creative person in the world, but give it a try. Look around your house and find some products that inspire creative thinking. It can be as simple as using marshmallows connected to toothpicks to build a design. Have some tongue depressors and glue? Make a log cabin. If you’re really not creative, just find a bunch of items and let your kid decide what to do with them.

Rainy days can end up being some of the most memorable experiences your child will ever remember, especially if you are a part of it. Don’t be afraid to experiment. And most of all don’t be afraid to let go and have a little bit of fun with it.


Patrick Rafferty is a marketing specialist for Few and Far Company, a website dedicated to the gentleman traveler