Rafflesia: The Largest Flower ever, and also the stinkiest.

Did you know that there is a genus of parasitic flowering plants called Rafflesia?  This type of plant is unique in that it has no stems, leaves or true roots.  Instead, it has a vine that hosts the flowers, which are the primary organ of the plant.  It produces a five petaled flower that can grow up to 39 inches in diameter and weigh up to 22 pounds.  Not only is it the worlds largest flower, but it also has the nick name "Corpse Flower" because the flowers look and smell like rotting flesh.

What might be even more bizarre is that the Rafflesia is the official state flower of Indonesia, the Sabah state in Malaysia and of the Surat Thani Province in Thailand, which just proves that the smell and parasitic nature of the plant are just as unique and beautiful to these people as the rose is to many others.  This flower is both beautiful and horrible all at the same time, and the photograph doesn't do true justice for all the aspects of the plant.