5 Weird Alien Encounters

Throughout history, there have always been accounts of encounters with alien life.  Some manifest in the guise of abductions, others are UFO sightings and then of course there is the crop circle phenomenon.  Today, enjoy a selection of some our favorite extraterrestrial encounters!


First up is the case that everyone knows about- Roswell, New Mexico.  This has always been such a great case, if only for the sheer number of alien hunters on the case, as well as the vast number of conspiracy theorists who have also tackled this interesting case as their own.  In 1947, the US military allegedly recovered the remains of an extraterrestrial spacecraft which has crash landed, and then a mass cover-up was executed.  It all started with an explosion late one night, followed by numerous findings of unusual debris scattered around the surrounding area the next day.  The debris had strange qualities, with some parts being noted as having a “water-like” quality, where they wouldn't stay in a solid form. 

The military stated that it was a weather balloon, and then quickly started quieting the locals.  Nurses at the local hospital reported that the military had cordoned off a section of the building, and nurses who were permitted to enter the cordoned off area reported that they saw “little men” who were being examined, and even one small humanoid figure that was up walking around.  Another interesting note is that the nurses who were allowed to work in this area reported being sick for a long time following their incident.   Of the military personnel who have reported claims, most of them report having seen a strange metallic craft that appeared to be embedded in the hillside, along with several of the strange humanoid bodies around the crash site. 

Since the event at Roswell, there have been numerous people who have come out with their stories involving Roswell.  One such story is told by supposed Army Colonel, about the strange technology that he was privy to in years following the incident.  If you’d like to read more about the “Day after Roswell”, go here.  There is also, of course, the famous video of the Alien Autopsy that supposedly followed the Roswell crash.  Lucky for us, it's still preserved on the internet, even though it is believed pretty widespread that the video is a hoax.

The Sunken Ship in the Baltic Sea

Discovered on June 19th, 2011, this strange anomoly in the sea still doesn't have much of a proper explanation.  It was discovered when a Swedish based diving company was exploring the Baltic Sea looking for sunken treasures.  A strange image appeared on their sonar and something caused major interference with their instruments.  It appears to resemble the millenium falcon (think star wars) and it appears to have a crash landing track in the sea bed.  More study is needed to fully identify the object.

UFO over the Mojave Desert

September 9, 1985, an aviation pilot was out for a flight when he saw a strange cigar shaped object in the sky.    He snapped a picture of this object, of which no one has been able to devise an explanation for, even today.

UFO over Holloman Base

This cigar shaped ship was photographed in 1964, by a government employee over the Holloman Air Development center in New Mexico.  Either this is an alien ship or some experimental army drone, but I'm leaning toward the former.  Conspiracy theorists agree, stating this as a case that the government has been in contact with aliens for much longer than we thing.  (Perhaps we're still negotiating the release of hostages from the Roswell incident?)

Alien Encounter in Brazil

This is a video grab from footage taken in Manaus, Brazil.  The description of the footage claims that he is just hanging out in the jungle of brazil, just feet away from a flashing blue light.  Could this jungle have been his rest stop on a longer voyage?  Was he merely stretching his legs?  The world will never know.