Buy Your Own Piece of the Unexplained

Are you interested in having something haunted in your house without having your whole house be haunted?

Would you like to be terrorized by creepy dolls and watched by haunted paintings? 

If so, perhaps you would like to seek out your own piece of the Unexplained to have in your home!

You could go searching on Ebay, but we doubt you'll have much luck finding a real ghost.  They have loads of buying guides and rules in place about what you can sell and what you can't.  Apparently ghosts are an intangible object.

Your first stop should definitely be getting your own haunted doll.  Check estate sales first, as they seem to congregate there.  If not, here's a website where you can buy your own haunted doll.  History is noted with the doll!

If that doesn't work, there are a few small shops, like this one- Decroixs Haunted Barn, that features what items they have found that they have for sale.

No haunted shopping trip is complete without a trip to the International Metaphysical Marketplace, where not only can you buy haunted items, but spirits and protections as well!

Too chicken to try buying a haunted item?  Then why not check out books that you can read to have the experience without actually owning one!

*We here at Atmospheric Noise are all about having fun- none of this is an implication that the above items are actually real or that we think it's a wise idea to buy from these locations.  We just think it's fun to share!*