8 Months to Christmas! Kick into Gear!

With the start of the summer, comes outdoor activities, less crafting time and more heat!  Smaller projects are a virtue during the summer, so that you don't overheat.  This is the time of the year to make hats, mittens, socks, and all those other small projects!  That isn't saying that you shouldn't work on blankets, especially if you live somewhere that you have cool nights!  I myself have switched to working motifs for blankets since it's getting warmer!
Well, without further ado, welcome to May!  May should be a big time for finalizing portions of your list and knocking out a couple of projects!  Trust me, you'll feel better if you do!  Time to review our lists!

Here's how mine looks after April's work:

Must Craft For:
Queen Bee  -   Shawl like black and white one/snowflake  
Striker – single serving treats/pies in jars/something food/hotpads/snowflake {blanket 2013}
Lily – tiny animals, totoro set, a bed sized blanket/snowflake
Lucy – animals, aquabats anything, TMBG dolls, bed sized blanket/snowflake
MIL - snowflake/hotpads/socks{blanket 2012}
SIL - cowl/snowflake {blanket 2013}
Linney – socks/mittens/snowflake(something knit)
Hubs -  Extra big & long blanket/sampler style?

Would like to craft for:
Aud - snowflake/hotpads (something knit)
Kynz - fingerless mitts
Efan -  Creeper hat
Humph - mittens/cardi?
Shep - hat?
V -  snowflake/horse something?
FIL – Green Bay Packers Blanket/club covers?
STLM - club covers? {blanket 2013}
GGJ- Snowflake/hotpads
Soo- Snowflake/hotpads

In Progress:
club covers
sock testing
cowl for SIL
Testing for socks and mittens
Testing for blanket designs for the girls

Designs to do:

All snowflakes for misc people

All of the items that are stricken out are finished, the blue highlighted items are in progress, the green highlighted items are ones that I have something in mind and the yellow highlighted items are in the planning phase.  As you can see, I've finished some of the bulk work that I wanted to do and have made some headway on both testing and work on projects for people.  I've also worked on refining my list to pinpoint people that I have figured out or ones that I need to work on ideas for them.  This month, my goal is to finish off the two projects that I currently have in progress and work towards the designs for several others.  

Goals for May: 

Pin down the final designs for all remaining people that you haven't started projects for.
Finish at least one small project and work on a larger project.
Be able to cross at least one person off your list!

As a bonus, here are some quick and easy projects that you can try to cross some people off your crafting list!

Lace Scallop Hat (Knit)

Unforgettable Hat (Crochet)

Sifu Soap Sachet and Scrubbie

Soft and Sweet Heart Sachet
Bulky Stacked Shell Cowl
Luxe Cowl

There's some quick and easy projects to get you started.  Here is hoping you can finish a project or two this month!!!  

(Oh and hey, shouldn't I get props for being on time this month??  *bows*)