Flower Scoodie {Crochet Pattern}

I wish that I had a better picture for this scoodie, but unfortunately, it was one of those projects that I finished and then wrapped right away.  I made this for my pre-teen neice, who I thought would enjoy the bright colors and unique design.

Flower Scoodie:

Hook Size: I
Worsted weight yarn, three colors

Chain 16, dc in third ch from hook and next 13 st (14 st)  *you can make this wider if you like, just add more chains and st across the row.
R2: ch 3, turn, sk first st, dc in next 13 st.
Repeat row 2 until your scarf is a desired length for your recipient.

For the hood:
Find the center stitch of the scarf and place a marker.  count from the marked stitch outward on either side and place a marker at 17 st.

R1:  Join MC with a sl st to one of the outer marked st.  Ch 2, dc in each st across to the other outer marked st, moving center marker up a row. Turn.
R2: ch 3, dc in each st until one before marker, 2 dc in next st, dc in center marked st (move marker up), 2 dc in next st, dc to end.
R3-8: repeat row 2.
R9: Ch 2, dc in each st until 2 before marker, dc2tog, dc in center, dc2tog, dc to end, turn.
R10-15: Repeat Row 9.
R16: Fold hood in half and either sl st across through both sides or FO and use a long tail to sew the seams together.  Weave in ends.

For Scallop Border:
Attach contrasting yarn to one of the corners of the scarf with sl st
*Skip next 2 st, 7 dc in next, sk 2 st, sc in next*  repeat around.  You may have to adjust the length of one of the shells depending on the length of your scarf.  Make sure that you finish a scallop at the corner, then turn the corner and start another scallop.  Work this way around the whole scoodie, FO and weave in ends.

Round 1 : ch 2 , 6sc in second chain from hook, join in beg sc
Round 2 : ch 1 , sc in same sc as beg ch 1,ch 2 (sc in next sc, ch 2) around, join in beg sc
Round 3 : ch 1 ,( sc, 3hdc,sc) in each of ch-2 spaces around, do not join
Round 4 : working behind petals, bpsc around first st of round 2, ch 3 , ( bpsc around next st of round 2, ch 3) around, join in first bpsc
Round 5: ch 1 , (sc,5 dc, sc) in each ch-3 spaces, do not join
Round 6: working behind petals, bpsc around firt bpsc of round 4, ch 4 (bpsc around next bpsc of round 4 , ch 4) around, join in beg sc
Round 7 : ch 1 , (sc,7 dc, sc) in each ch-4 spaces, fasten off.

Sew buttons to center of flower and attach flower to scoodie.