Long and Lengthy Cowl {Knitting Pattern}

Long and Lengthy Cowl
Use a medium weight yarn, size 8 circular needle.

Cast on for the length that you want it to be, in my case I made it extra long- I can wrap the cowl three times around my neck.

R1: K around
R2: P around
R3: K around
R4: P around
R5-9: K around
R10: P around
R11-15: K around
R16: *YO, k2tog* around
R17: *k2tog, YO* around
R18-20: Repeat R16-17
R21-25: K around
R26: P around
R27-31 K around
R32: P around
R33: K around
R34: P around
R35: K around
Bind off with last row using the three needle method.

This is one of the first cowls that I ever made, it works up very quickly and very easily.  This is a great beginner project.  Enjoy!