Christmas Wax Ornaments

This was such a fun craft- albeit a little messy, but who doesn't love a little mess when you're crafting??  These are perfect gifts for your little ones to make and give out as gifts and you'll never end up with two that are the same!!!

Christmas Wax Ornaments

Materials needed:

Crayons (Crayola brand seem to melt the best)
Pencil sharpener  (most large crayon boxes have one built in)
Clear GLASS ornaments (They MUST be glass.  we found out the hard way that the plastic ones will warp)
Hair Dryer
Ribbons (for adding a little something "extra" to make your ornaments special)
Glitter (optional)
Newspaper or paper towel (to put down for easier cleanup afterward)


Start by choosing 2-3 colors of crayons.  I wouldn't recommend using many more colors than this as the colors can get kind of muddy if you mix too many.

Peel off the wrapper from the crayons and using the sharpener, create some crayon shavings.

Add the crayon shavings to the inside of the ornament.  (if you want to use glitter, add at this point)

Using the hair dryer, slowly heat and swirl the ornament to spread the shavings.  (We found it worked best if you did it slowly and didn't completely liquefy the shavings, but melted them enough that they stuck all over the inside of the ornament.  Completely melting them was cool, but it definitely mixed the colors more than we had wanted.)

If you don't have enough shavings to coat the inside, let the ornament cool and then add more, repeating the heating with the hair dryer.

Add a Christmas Ribbon if you want to fancy up your ornament!

If you make some, I would love to see them!!!! :)