Countdown to Christmas: Unique Gifts for the Gardener

I don't know about you, but now that Thanksgiving is past us, I'm so ready for Christmas!!!  The tree went up today along with all the decorations, I'm pretty much done Christmas shopping, but I have some crafting left to do!  Because I'm so excited, I've been gathering unique ideas of great gifts for different types of people, trying to think outside the box!!!  So today, I kick off the Countdown to Christmas posts, starting with unique gifts for the gardener in your life!!!

Click on the pictures to find out more about the item!!!

This solar powered light is the perfect addition to your deck, patio or garden area!!!

Gardeners never want to stop, even when there's snow on the ground-  one of these countertop greenhouses and some packets of herbs would be a great gift in the middle of the winter for gardeners itching to use their green thumb!!

This unique little contraption is actually a new kind of tiki torch, for the more modern minded gardener!

This little grow box is made of bamboo and comes with herbs for your favorite gardener to grow in the kitchen!

This book is eye candy for every gardener.  It includes pictures to make even the most experienced gardener drool!

The green gardener probably composts, and what better gift than this little countertop compost keeper to keep the compost smell in, out of their house!

Lets face it, weeding stinks.  This little tool is a great helper for popping out those difficult to remove weeds!  No more breaking off weeds just to grow back!

When you're gardening, you don't wear jewelry, including a watch (or at least I do)  This beautiful sundial will not only beautify your gardeners life, but provide them with accurate time.... unless there's no sun!

Who wouldn't love these glam pruning shears?  Bring a little beautiful joy to your gardener's life!!

Do you have any great ideas for gardeners?  Leave me a comment below!!!