Countdown to Christmas: The Most Unique Gifts for the Artist

I tried to post this yesterday but my internet was being all stupid and stuff.  As I myself am an artist, I can think of a million and one things that any artist would love.  These are some of the most unique gifts that I have found to give to the artist in your life!!

This coffee cup is hidden as a camera lens- ADORABLE!  What photographer wouldn't love carrying one of these around?!?!

Know a painter?  They would love this all in one brush care kit!

Almost any adult with stress in their life would love one of these expert level coloring books.  They're great for filling time and expressing your artistic innards.  :)

Everyone can use a little relaxation!

I know there's pinterest and a million other crafting sites, but sometimes there's nothing better than a book with glossy shiny pages and that lovely book smell to inspire the artist within.

How about some new brushes?  This is a great brush set, super high quality and lovely to behold!

How about a super glam camera?  This little Diana Holga camera would be the perfect unique toy for any photographer!

What other great ideas do you have to give to the artist in your life?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!!