New Year's Resolutions: WIP's with more to Go!

You thought I might have been done after Part 2 of the WIP series that I did last week.  Well, sorry, but no.  There's a lot more where that came from!  (Talk about embarrassing!!!)  Today's focus is a set of WIP's that I could probably finish in no time at all.  I left these in their own box and they'll probably be the first ones that I work on to give myself a boost of confidence to keep going on some of the harder UFOs (not to mention clear out some room!!!).

Continuing on, we're on...

WIP #12 and #13

These two basket weave washcloths were made for gifts but then I decided they didn't match any of the sets that I had made.  They were abandoned with their tails left on and I just need to weave in the ends and these will be on their way to my shop!

WIP #14

I originally made this hat for my daughter, but her head was way too fat for it, so I discarded it into my WIP bin.  There's just tails hanging out of it.  I want to weave in those ends and maybe add some embellishment to it and then sell it in my shop.

WIP #15

I literally just forgot about this hat.  When I pulled it out of the bin, I was surprised.  I've got this hat listed in my shop so I'll just finish it up and then sell it off.

And now we're up to 15 WIP's with more to go and you'll be seeing those soon!!!  What UFO's are you working on right now?