WIP Resolution Mission 2015 Part 2

Work in Progress Inspiration Post Part 2
(there's more parts to come, it's bound to get scary)

When I left you last, I had shared 5 blankets that I had been working on and now are sitting in stasis in bins that are cluttering up my closet.  Now I'm moving along to wearable crochet in my quest to share with you the ridiculous amount of UFO's I have laying around my house and to clear them out.

WIP #7 and WIP #8

Curly Scarves

These two each get their own number, because they are individual scarves, though I'll talk about them together because they are in essence, the same type of item.  I made the blue one and ran out of yarn before I finished and never went back with more yarn or a second color.  

the purple one, I wanted it to have a black core so it peeked out through the purple, but I got scared after I did a row of purples because I didn't think that the black would still show through.  So I said, I'm calling it done.  Then I didn't like it.  I need to either go back with purple or do another row of black and then a row of purple. 

WIP #9

Gator Scoodie

This is another woeful story of running out of yarn.  I was making this gator scoodie for my daughter (probably about a year or two ago) because her school mascot is a gator.  I got the hood part complete and went to work on the scarf part only to run out of yarn.  When I pulled this out, she remembered it, and I told her I was going to finish it and she was blunt and told me she didn't really want it anymore.  Kids.  I will still finish it because I want to see the idea carried out, but might sell it in my shop or gift it this year.

WIP #10

Katniss Cowl

So I love the Hunger Games.  I also Love Love Love the cowl that Katniss wears in the second movie.  I've seen several renditions of it - such as this one:

or this one:

But am not a fan of either one of them completely.  I like the body of the first one (though I would make it a little longer so it would swing lower) and I like the cowl off of the second one.  So I set forth to try and make one, combining the factors that I liked from each of them.

When I finished the cowl:

I tried it on and I was disappointed.  I don't think I made it thick enough, and I also think I made it too wide because it tries to come down over my shoulders when I put it on.  I had barely cast on the body part:

when I discovered this and by then it was too late.  It went in a box and got shoved in my closet.   I want to try to make this again, but I'm going to have to frog the cowl (hopefully I can just knit from it) and will have to make the body piece.

WIP #11

Spiderweb shawl

I am not sure at all what pattern this is, if I messed it up, nor can I remember what I was making it for.  It's this random half finished shawl that I found at the bottom of one of the bins.  When I put it over my shoulders, it's kind of a cute little caplet.  I think it needs an sc trim on the flat edge, and some buttons.  I also may try to dye it to give it some life.  Then, on to gifting or selling.  :)

So there you have 6 more WIP's that I have to work on this year, and that brings me up to 11 UFO's.  There's much more to come!  Have you tried any of these patterns?  Are you working on UFO's this year?  Leave a comment below!