New Year's Resolution, WIP City!

In the interest of finishing my posts about the WIP's in my box and moving on to the finishing aspect, I'm bombarding you with these posts to finish them up.  The next set I have to share with you is all stuff that is really close to being finished.  Let's not delay and get on to...

WIP #35

I ran out of yarn.  I stashed it.  I'm pretty sure I have enough yarn to finish it in the right color and if I don't maybe I'll just add a contrasting color band at the bottom.  Who knows, right?

WIP #36

Super simple boot cuffs, made from some of my favorite yarn.  Just need the ends woven in!!

WIP #37

A pattern of my own design, this filet panel is meant to be in my bedroom, hopefully soon serving as a curtain panel!!

WIP #38

This hat was coming out too large for my head, so I left it.  I want to turn it into a slouchy hat and sell it on my website.

WIP #39

After I made this hat, I realized I don't like single crochet hats.  I think I'm going to turn it into a bear and sell it soon.

So there you have it, even more WIP's to add to my list.  These at least will be very easy to finish up!
Do you have any WIP's you're working on?  Leave me a comment below!