Scouting Sunday: Drawing Tools


Today's Scouting Sunday is very special to me.  I am very particular about my drawing tools, after years of trying out different supplies.  This list is all of my favorite things to use when I am drawing.  For some of the items, I've even included sample images of art that uses the tool I've shared.


These are my #1 go-to must have pencil.  I can't exactly tell you why, I just love the way the graphite feels on my paper and blends so nicely.  My personal favorites are the HB and 6B, but I'll use any of them that are available!

Hands drawn exclusively with the General's pencils

I have a couple of these erasers and they have lasted me forever.  So simple to knead away the graphite and restore the erasing surface, and shape the eraser into the type of shape that you need for what you're trying to erase.  In my opinion, these are essential for getting eye depth and shading correct.

These are a more recent purchase, and an impulse purchase at that, but they are phenomenal.  If you have a picture that needs to have darker tones than typical graphite can allow, but you don't want to go full charcoal on your piece, these are ideal.  I used them recently to add a darker vibe to this eyeball drawing:

Somebody's Watching Me

I have a ton of these little stumpers and tortillions lying around.  I mean, once you use a tortillion on one or two drawings, it's pretty much dead. I also like to use them with colored pencils, so I need to have a variety so I can change them out for different colors when I want to.

Prior to finding the Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils listed above, this was my go to method for adding depth into my drawings.  

Sometimes you need a rough yet soft appearance that can only be achieved through a good smudge.  That's when I  bring out my charcoals.  The softer, the better.  I will layer and blend softly before coming in with a dark stroke to finish off my edges and the darkest areas of the drawing.


Hard to believe, I know, but Crayola is still my favorite colored pencil.  I have this giant pack of 120 so I could have all of the colors.  I have them in a big case that you'll see in a moment, sorted by color.

This was a special project for work :)

If you're going to draw anything geometric or curvy, you'll need a good compass.  Staedtler makes a great one. Just don't take it on an airplane.  Trust me, they'll think you're carrying a weapon.

Of course, the best drawings are done on quality paper and my particular favorite is the Strathmore line of papers.  I use a variety of weights and textures, but this one is my favorite.  The weight and tooth feel excellent for drawing and I can blend well on it's pages.

This is the mother of all pencil cases.  It holds all of my colored pencils, graphite pencils AND colored ink pens without any struggle.  I even still have a little room to spare!