Arm Warmers {Hand OR Machine Knit Pattern}

So I once had a bike ride where I knew I would want a pair of arm warmers, to save on wearing a bulky coat, but to keep my forearms warm.  I used a knitting machine for most of this, however you could easily do it all by hand if you wished.

Materials needed:
2 colors of yarn
Knitting machine (optional)
size 8 knitting needles
Embroidery needle

CO 50 sts  (If working on a machine, work about 10 rows of waste yarn, before casting on the yarn you want to start with)
Work x amount of rows alternating 2 rows of one color and then 2 rows of another.

If working on a machine, work about 15 rows of waste and then work the next armwarmer in the same fashion, finishing off with another 10 rows of waste yarn.

Pick up 50 st from one end and work 6 rows of a k4, p2 pattern.  Repeat for the other side.
*Knitting machine only* work rib on both armwarmers, then remove waste yarn.

Wrap warmer around your arm and pin to the size you need, and seam down the side, attaching buttons as you go.  Repeat for the second warmer.

You're done!  They're easy, they're worked flat and they work up exceptionally fast on a knitting machine!!!