Scouting Sunday: Hosting Needs!


With the holidays coming upon us, I thought it would be fitting to share some things that I thing are absolute necessities when you're hosting - whether it be for a few or many people!


I don't know about you, but I struggle with items that have two components, like chips and dip, veggies and ranch, fruit and cream cheese dip, and more!  These dishes take up so much space on your serving table - but no longer!  These two tier bowls make it super simple to put out all the dishes and leave room to spare.

This little book is a dream for any hostess.  Do you need to know how to make some fancy drinks or some simple small plates?  Look no further!

Everyone should have a good bar set for entertaining.  This little caddy has everything you need from drink spouts, stirs and openers, and even comes with a cute little set of cocktail cards to keep you trying new things.

Another thing I struggle with when I host large gatherings is that I don't have enough refrigerator space to store all the food that I'm going to be serving, along with all the drinks I'm going to be serving.  I also don't have a lot of space to store coolers around my house. These inflatable drink holders are just the solution - I can inflate them when I need them and display my drinks and other cold items in a cute display!

Everyone needs a good charcuterie board, and this one has all the little cheese tray tools built into its base!  The lip around the edge is great to keep ahold of items that might otherwise run away.

I don't have wine charms, but if I did, they'd be inappropriate.  Instead, I have colored glasses so each guest can easily remember which one was theirs.  They're so cute too!

Sometimes you want to have a drink available to your guests, but you don't want to have it open - this dispenser will help you with this!  You can open and access it from the top and it will drain out of the spigot.  Every child at your gathering will love this item.

Looking for a different sort of game to play with your guests?  Don't want anything that is a competition, but instead a relaxing evening around the fire?  This is the perfect "game" of conversation - with cards meant to spur and create engaging conversation.

Don't burn your tables with your hot items, instead, find nice trivets that you can place them on!  These are a great size and a nice neutral color scheme, and they can go in the washer if you get them messy!

Are you the dishwasher of the house?  Would you like to have minimal cleanup, while still maintaining a fancy appearance?  These plastic disposable plates are a great solution.  The set comes with sixteen 10" dinner plates and sixteen 7" dessert plates.

I hope that your next hosting event is a tremendous success!  Are there tools that you like to have around the house when hosting?  Feel free to share in the comments!