What I'm working on now!

Hello! While I'm working on setting up all the patreon goodies behind the scenes (I'm hoping to have all of my planned transfers done by this weekend), I thought I would do a quick sneak peek on all the projects I'm currently working on! Most of these are personal projects, either for my house or as part of a series that I am working on, but I thought you might enjoy seeing what I'm up to!

First up, my house project-
The story: I have this weird part of my backyard that is between the deck, the driveway and the garage. When we bought the house, there was already a gate custom built to the space. The area between the deck and the driveway was grass.
We had two problems-
1. As this is the easiest way to walk to our garage, I wanted a solid surface that we could shovel properly in the wintertime and be able to walk across.
2. We recently got puppies, and they are small enough to fit through the slats in the gate.

The plan-
Use existing brick that I had to put in a walkway and maybe an herb garden.
Sand and refinish the gate with new sealant and create panels to cover slats but have them be pretty.

I set a goal to get this project done before winter and I'm almost there! I just need to put sealant on my panels, seal the gate and mount the panels. Here are some progress pictures:

And the panels that will cover the slats:

I'm just working on putting the finishing touches on the paintings before I hang them on the gate. It's exciting seeing months worth of work come together!

Patreon Updates:

By the end of the weekend, I'll have all the starter files available in the Patreon Library, and I'm working on some new items that will only be available here!

Shop Updates:

New listings are on the way! I've got a whole set of jewelry that I have ready to go, just need to get the listings finished. I am also going to be using the Patreon storefront for my digital items. 

Blog updates:

Now that I have the Patreon up and running, all blog posts will start their life on Patreon as early access posts (beginning with this one!). This means my supporters always get to see my updates first!

Hope you all have a great day!