What comes next...?

The past year has been one full of change for me.  In particular, I left a super stressful job that was eating me alive.  I felt like it had zapped every ounce of creative energy that I had, and when I could do something, it was the bare minimum I could do for myself.  I worked really hard to change my mindset and ended up switching jobs, into something that was totally different and new to me.  While this has been a challenge in and of itself, it has also been a time where I have been able to work on myself because my entire life is no longer consumed by that job.  

I've been thinking about my art as a whole and what I want to share with the community going forward.  I think this past year of self discovery has really made me think about my time differently.  I used to have a lot of it, so I would throw myself into different projects and had the energy to share myself in lots of different directions.  I know now that I don't have the time or energy to throw myself at a lot of different projects, but I still want to share about my life, my art, projects and more... so I just need to make it more valuable to myself and you all, as my readers.

Over the next few months, I will be working on some updates to all of my sites, to streamline them into one master project, the culmination of my creative mind, that I call "Atmospheric Noise Studios."  There will be some sites that will merge into this one, and others that I will leave as archival content but no longer update.  This blog will become the main hub for all of my free content that I share.  There will be a new addition to the family of sites, as I have been working on a Patreon site so that I can better connect with people who enjoy and want to support the work that I create.  If you are someone who really enjoys the patterns, templates and downloads that I create, you are going to want to check this out!  The Patreon will have so much content that isn't available on this blog, plus some that is currently only available for purchase on my Etsy shop, for those who support me there.  Joining the Patreon will also get you access to my community discord, where I hope we can build a super fun group of like minded people who want to share the art they create!  At higher tiers, I'll even send you special stuff that you can't buy or get anywhere else!

I hope that you'll stick with me through this transition - I want to create something special for a community of like minded individuals, while sharing my life and art in a meaningful and beautiful way.

If you want to be an early supporter of my Patreon (content is slim at the moment, but I'm working on setting everything up and more is coming every day!), I would love to have you come and help me build my community.  Early supporters will get a host of fun things too - a special color in our discord community, super secret updates, and a special gift from me mailed to you in early 2024!

I hope to see you there!!!