Sock Snowman Craft

These were such a fun craft to make.  It is one of those crafts where you can really use your imagination and with the amount of socks that you can buy, the sky is the limit!!!

Here are the materials you will need:

White tube socks
Fun socks
Rubber bands or yarn
Ribbon and any other embellishment that you want
Puffy Fabric Paint in black and orange

How to assemble your snowmen:

Start with an empty sock and fill it with rice, tying the top of the sock.

Stand the snowman up and using rubber bands or yarn, tie tightly where you want the "balls" of his body to be.  You can also cut off excess sock above the knot for his head (but do leave some to fold back over the knot.

Cut the ankle off of a sock and use the tube as a shirt for your snowman.  Here I also used a strip of the sock to make a scarf.

Cut the toe off of a sock and use it as a hat.  This could be the same sock or a different sock for fun! Use the puffy fabric paint to dot on eyes, mouth and nose of your snowman.

I spent the most time on this snowman below.  I found the tuxedo sock and knew I had to make him really fun.  I did not trim the top of the sock, instead I filled it with extra filling to make his hat stand super tall.  I also sprayed him lightly with fake snow so it would look like he had been outside, and dusted his cheeks with makeup to give him rosy cheeks.

Overall, these were a super fun decoration and as you can see every snowman came out differently!  It was so much fun!