Scouting Sunday: Every Crafter Needs

For this special Scouting Sunday edition, I wanted to cover my favorite tools to have in my toolbox that are good for many different purposes in crafting.  I feel like everyone who crafts, no matter what the craft is, should have these items in their arsenal.


While I got these for working with resin, I now have them on my counter pretty much all the time.  I use them under paints, clays, etc.  They're so easy to clean and don't slide around!

Everyone needs a good plier set.  They're good for jewelry, working with small pieces, and so much more!

I have a set of metal files and I use them for metals in my jewelry making, but I also use them for polymer clay and resin when I need to clean up rough edges.  I've been known to use them on plaster and wood as well!

In my opinion, this is the king of glues to have on hand.  I know I have a couple of bottles around here somewhere, if I could only find them....

I found I didn't have great storage for all of my little objects, so I got a couple of these great storage containers.  They're absolutely perfect for storing all the little things (safety pins, popsicle sticks, jewelry findings, etc)

You also need some great storage for your craft supplies.  This container is great because it has a removable tray on the top.  I use one for my jewelry supplies and keep the smaller items up top and my bigger items down below.

If you haven't discovered mica powders in your crafting yet, you should.  I use them in my resins, paints, and sometimes even on my drawings.

A small hand drill and vice grip is essential if you want to put holes in things.  I use it on my jewelry, polymer clay, resin, leather and so much more.

Silicone tipped tools are amazing for so many crafts.  I use them mainly in my resin crafting, but they're also wonderful to use with paints or clays!

Last but not least, you need a good pair of scissors (or three).  I chose this set because I liked that there were various sizes for different purposes.  They're a great set of scissors!