Fornicating Reindeer Sweater *Knit Pattern {Blueprint pattern]

Sometimes, you get invited to a Holiday party where they may be doing a white elephant gift exchange... and you know that this group has a penchant to do something off the wall, raunchy or just plain weird.  Well, when in Rome.... do as the crazy people do!

I wanted to bring something that was totally unique, that no one would be able to buy anywhere.  My go-to for these types of things is to make them.  So I came up with this great sweater idea:

The Fornicating Reindeer Sweater!!!!

This pattern is more of a blueprint than it is a pattern.  I used a jumper pattern from the Bond America Website and tweaked it, adding in my own fair isle touches along with the fornicating reindeer knit chart that I found on ravelry.  Here are my notes and ramblings to design your own!!!

First up, here are the charts that I used:

I started with the Fornicating Deer Chart, found HERE on Ravelry.  I sketched this out in my graph book, and added the green border that you see above.

Then, I sketched up the red border that I wanted to appear at the bottom of my sweater, and the bottom of the sleeves.

Next, I decided on the size from the Bond America Pattern, found HERE.

I made this sweater on a knitting machine, which worked up pretty quickly, but you can tell I had a few small errors with the border patterning.  

I knit the sleeves flat and then seamed them on the underside of the arm, and the front and back were each knitted as their own panels.  I then joined everything together and sewed it up.