Valentine's Boxes {Craft Project}

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Everyone has been there.  It's the night before Valentine's day and you need a box to take to school and receive all your treats in, but you didn't plan ahead and now you need to rush to cobble something together.  I'm here to tell you, it doesn't need to be difficult and you can make something cool with materials you have in your own house.

Valentine's Boxes Craft Project

Materials Needed:

A cereal box
Brown Kraft paper
Stickers or colored papers

Start with your cereal box and cut a hole where ever you would like people to insert the Valentines.  We did ours on the front side of the box.

Wrap the box in Kraft paper like you would a present, but apply glue under the paper so it adheres to the box.  Find the hole you cut in the cardboard box and cut a slit in the middle of it.

Fold the paper into the box and glue down for a nice opening.

Let your child use their imagination and place stickers, paper cutouts and draw on the box as they want to.
I added a piece of ribbon to the top of the box to serve as a carrying handle.

Enjoy your Valentine's box that you made in less than an hour!!