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What I've been working on....

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I've been busy busy busy!

With St. Patrick's day coming up, Lily and I have been working on decorations for the house, along with one wicked leprechaun trap (to be finished today).  It's been fun, but taken a very long time for her.  We've really had to go bit by bit with this activity.

I finished up clue 4 on the Bernat Mystery Crochet Along on Sunday, and so with two free days I've been knitting like crazy! I've got just over 3 weeks to finish up on the girls Easter sweaters, and this CAL Afghan just keeps getting in the way!  With the two days I was able to very nearly complete the body of Lily's sweater, which means that all I've got left to do with them is sleeves... and since this is my own pattern, I really have no idea what i'm doing for the sleeves yet!  Eeeeek!  I'm thinking just simple 3/4" will be just fine, but who knows, when I get that far, I could hate it.

I've got another crochet potholder pattern coming out this week, as well as hopefully getting the picture uploaded for my newest knit cowl pattern.  So look for those coming sometime this week :)

Bernat 2012 Spoiler Page is Now UP!!

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Ok, so I couldn't keep it a secret, because it's something that I've been working so hard on behind the scenes.  So, I found a creative solution... I created a page within this site for the 2012 Bernat Crochet Along that you can get to via link, if you want to spoil the surprise.  I'll post updates on that page with pictures of the clues as I go along and you can follow me on my progress if you so desire.  If you don't want to spoil the surprise and you want to wait and see it until it is all done, then don't ever visit the page.. simple, really!

Bernat 2012 Mystery Afghan Crochet Along Spoiler Page Link Here!

Bernat's Crochet Along! Are you in?

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Bernat just started their 2012 Mystery Crochet Along last Wednesday, and I'm doing it!  I won't post anything until it's done, because I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone who is doing it.... but if you're one of my readers  and you're participating, I would love to know!!!

*Edited to add:  I realized I didn't put a link to the Crochet Along anywhere in this post, so here it is!

Bernat 2012 Mystery Crochet Along!