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Valentine's Day Scouting Sunday

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This week, since it is finally February, I'm looking toward valentines day!!  Here are a bunch of awesome DIY ideas from across the internet to brighten your house for valentine's!!!



Have you made any of these?  Leave me a comment below!!!

Scouting Sunday #16: Moustache Crafts

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Here's a Quick Scouting!  Mustaches have been a huge trend lately, which, quite frankly, I can't explain.  However, they are quirky and amusing and I thought I would bring you all some fun mustache crafts for you to try on your own!

silly mustache straw craft
Make your own silly mustache straws!!

mustache cup cozy crochet craft
Crochet your own Mustache cup cozy!

knit mustache cowl cozy diy
Knit your own Mustache Cowl
mustache diy
Make your own mustache!
print and cut mustache craft
Simply print and cut your own disguise!

Scouted: Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles

You all know how I'm always on the lookout for really cool things to see, places to go and things to craft, right?  Well today I found something that just makes me want to hop on a plane and fly out to Los Angeles.  Get this:  They have a climate controlled, permanent craft marketplace that is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Here where I live, we have a craft marketplace pop up once every couple of months and you never get to see everything in it.  There, they have a whole marketplace that you can literally spend all weekend, every weekend in!
They are not joking!
With everything from toys and games to bath supplies and everything in between, this is sure to be the haven for any crafter!   It's called Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles, and it is my dream haven!  It looks like it's creme of the  craft fairs of southern California.  Why wouldn't it be?  It's home to hundreds of handmade vendors and some of the coolest art you'll ever see! 

If you look at their calendar, there's literally something for everyone, like Zumba class, Food Trucks, Music nights, vendor meet ups, and craft tutorials.  They also have a variety of delicious looking food that is always there and sure to please! Just looking at their website I found a variety of amazing photographers, jewelers, bakers, home crafters, apparel and other awesome handmade goods!

I just think it's wonderful that there is a place like this, that can be devoted to crafts and their makers every weekend, instead of just featuring them once in a great while.  America was built on it's artisans and I think it is important that we remember and celebrate that. So make sure that you check out this art fair in Los Angeles next time that you're there. I promise that you won't regret it!