Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In preparation: Magic Ring Tutorial

Though there are many many ways to begin a hat, my favorite method is with the magic ring.  Many people don't know how easy it is to begin any round project this way, so I thought I would do a photo tutorial on it, to kick off my 30 days of hats!

*Please note: there are many different ways of doing a magic ring.  This is just one of them, and my preferred method. :)

Begin with a slip stitch and a crochet hook that matches the size used in your pattern.

Chain 4.

 slip stitch into the first of the chain stitches that you made.  (ring made)

from here, you can chain and begin.... Most of my hats continue in this manner:

chain 3.

 11 dc in ring

slip stitch into the top of the chain3.

if you make sure that you dc over the tail that you had at the beginning...

when you pull on it, your hole disappears!  Hooray!


  1. hmmmmm I always just make the ring w no slip not at the begining or chain 3. I start with a slip stitch around the ring then the ch 3 on top of that (1st dc) then the 11 dc to make 12. slip st into top of chain 3 from begining and pull tight

  2. I've been using this method for years on all sorts of things including hats, doilies, coasters and more.