Halloween Crafting, Day 1, Decoupage and painted Halloween Jar Candles

So I was talking to a friend and fellow blogger, Robyn the other day about how she inspired one of our halloween crafts with her cute little spider jar, going on asking her if she'd seen it and going on about what we did and I come home, look on my page list and realize that I hadn't posted it yet!  I'm a total dork....  So here it is, Robyn, inspired by Part 1 and Part 2 of her Halloween crafts:

Decoupage and painted Halloween Jar Candles

So I'm not really going to post a tutorial, it's pretty easy to see what I've done.  I've worked with mod podge and just regular tissue paper, let my daughter rip it apart and then stick it onto the jars.  Then we cut some construction paper and glued it on the outside!  Voila!  We did it in two parts so Lily got to work on it all day- she was thrilled!!

Children's Model Search!!!!

That's right!  We're having a Children's Model Search!  So tell your friends, your family and have them all take advantage of this special deal!  Book a children's session at $10 off the normal price and be entered in to win as our children's model of the year!  The winner will receive a free session, 1 free 8"x10" print, and one surprise gift (a $100 value!)  If we have a lot of entries, we might expand to age brackets and give out multiple prizes, so tell everyone you know!  The more that enter, the more prizes that will be given!!!  The winner will be determined by voting on our facebook page, by number of "likes" received!

We reserve the right to extend the contest based on the number of entries, interest and availability.
Multiple children from the same family can each have their own entry, but only one $10 discount per family.

A few of my favorite Afghans... a list

Here is a list, with pictures, of my favorite afghans.   I may not have completed some of these, but I have plans to complete them at some point in my life.  Hopefully you'll enjoy looking at them as much as I do!

  1. This one is in progress! Temair Throw
  2. Mandala Throw
  3. Scrap of Beauty
  4. Country Tweed Afghan
  5. Branches and Berries
  6. Medallion Circular Throw
    Arrow Stitch Afghan
  7. Urban Granny Throw
  8. Cat and Mouse Throw {To be made for my daughter}
  9. Diamonds and Tweed Blanket {Almost done with this one!}
  10. Graphic Circles Afghan
  11. Mosaic Afghan {just got done, need to weave in ends and block}
  12. Galaxy Afghan {This one has been on the docket for a long time, perhaps after I finish up the ones I'm working on?}
  13. Groovyghan {Also in progress, to be finished after the other three are finished up}

So as you can see, I've got one finished, just needing weaving, and three in progress.  I've just got too many that are sitting around waiting to be finished!!  But, after these are done, then the list will be down to nine!  Who else needs an afghan? :)

Taking a night off from editing... {but not really}

This past week has just flown by!  I got to take pictures of an adorable 5 day old... yes, FIVE days old.  She was so wide awake, just wanting to watch what I was doing- though she didn't really like getting messed with!

Isn't she just the cutest little thing? 

Now, however, I'm taking a break from editing a wedding from this weekend.  It's seriously all that I've been doing besides hanging with my kids and sleeping.  I've even been taking meal breaks at the computer... only because they're so awesome!  I just can't get enough and want to keep working.  This is how I want every day to be... forever.  Crafting and editing and loving being an artist.  {Alas, all my other alias' often catch up with me... that of a mother, employee at the University, chauffeur, and everything else I have in between.}

So tonight, I'm playing personal catch-up and listing out all the things that have to be done and their deadlines and taking a self imposed break from something that is my favorite thing of all time {if only for my sanity}

As notes for you, my clients, readers, family and devotees...

  • For a limited time only, LiLu Studios is doing newborns within the first 10 days of life for $10 in your home!  If you are expecting a new bundle of joy, or know someone who is, give us a jingle!
  • Next Monday will mark the debut of our first "How To" Series, which will last one week.  Our first topic will be "How to Crochet" and will cover everything from yarn and supplies to patterns and stitches for the beginner and advanced level crocheter!  Look for a new post every day!
  • Last call for High School seniors who are graduating in 2012!  Contact us today to see what kind of great last minute deals we have going on!!! http://lilustudios.zenfolio.com/contact
Now back to life-ordering!

Custom Jewelry Display Case!

Back again with another one of our new products that will hit our website this fall!

This one is a custom designed jewelry display case, and they're wonderful!  Since it's custom made for you, you have many options!  Choose to have hangers for earrings, necklaces, bracelets or pegs for rings, pick your colors or patterns and you'll receive a design that is truly one of a kind!

Custom Jewelry Display Case for earrings necklaces, and bracelets, $30.  Add pegs for rings for just $5 more!

Up and Coming this Month!

It is officially SEPTEMBER!!  If you are like me, you're wondering what happened to the rest of the year.  It feels like it's been eaten up by something and it's never coming back.  We've done lots this year, but there is also a lot that we've not had time for, or just been to lazy for! 

But... the good news is, with the holidays coming up, there's lots of designing to do!!  This month we have the following items planned:

  • Halloween crafts and decoration
  • Christmas Gift making (this has been an ongoing project that started January 1)
  • Several new items for the home to be part of our new product lineup
  • and a super special photographic project that has been in concept phase for a long while

We look forward to taking you on our holiday crafting journey this year!