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Tote Bag {crochet pattern}

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{I found this pattern in a box of random vintage crafts that I received from family.  I figured I would share it here in it's original form.  Please note that I have typed it exactly as it was listed and have not worked the pattern yet myself.  I'll probably work it up at some point and post my comments and adjustments too :)  Enjoy!}

NO TT-1 from This 'n' That Leaflet 2538 - 1971, Columbia-Minerva

MATERIALS:  6 skeins Columbia-Minerva Washable Rug Yarn (1-3/4 oz. pull skeins).

"Boye" Crochet Hook, Size K

GAUGE:  2 sc 10 1"; 2 rows to 1"
Note:  Work with double yarn throughout.

SIDES:  With Scarlet, ch 23.Row 1:  Starting in 2nd ch from hook, work 22 sc across, ch 1, turn.Row 2:  1 sc in each sc, ch 1, turn.
Repeat Row 2 for 48 more rows.  Fasten off.
Gussets:  Ch 10.  work on 9 sc for 20 rows.  Fasten off.  Make 2.Straps:  With Black, ch 26.  Starting in 2nd ch, work 1 sc in each ch to last ch, 3 sc in last ch, then working back on other side of chain, 1 sc in each st. Fasten off.  Make 4.Handles:  With black, ch 38.  Work same as straps.  Make 2.  Baste gussets in place.  On right side with Black work 1 sc and ch 1 in every other row along sides and bottom as shown.  With Black work 2 rows of sc on top edges only of back and front.  Sew straps  in place as shown with 3" extending at top.  Join handles to straps with 1-1/2" metal rings.